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Celebrating North Florida’s Doctors

Florida Doctor Magazine – Better Care  |  Better Practice  |  Better Life
Each issue covers all aspects of being a doctor in Northeast Florida, from professional growth to personal success. The magazine offers new insights about the healthcare industry with articles about what’s working — and what’s not – from doctors inside the Northeast Florida market.

Florida Doctor Magazine explores all aspects of the physician’s life, with articles on business issues, lifestyle, professional growth, faith and family, financial matters and more. With stories that educate, enlighten and entertain, you’ll get insight into the intriguing, multifaceted lives of doctors in Northeast Florida. From their dedication to the healthcare profession locally and abroad to their varied interests, talents and hobbies, all can discover the exciting community and personal pursuits of our community’s medical leaders.

For physicians, Florida Doctor Magazine also provides the latest medical news, ideas for better practice management, marketing strategies and insight into local business issues that are the keys to a thriving medical practice. Our articles offer practical and effective strategies to help doctors achieve success in today’s healthcare industry.

Florida Doctor Magazine Board of Directors

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McCarthy Crenshaw

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Shane Hunt

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Gene Fedele