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Orlando Orthopedic Center Officially Announces Nonprofit Foundation

Orlando Orthopedic Center announced recently announced the launch its own nonprofit foundation committed to orthopedic research, injury prevention in youth athletics and community education and outreach. The Orlando Orthopedic Center Foundation will utilize the talents of the practice’s 17 board certified and fellowship trained physicians, as well as the time and dedication of caring support staff and volunteers to achieve its mission.

Working with local partners and various donors, the foundation will provide a myriad of services including: athletic training, various education opportunities to Central Florida residents; pre-participation sports examinations to select area high schools; two orthopedic update seminars for allied healthcare professionals annually; year-round support to sports medicine and athletic trainer professionals; and dozens of small scale community talks.

“Ultimately, the foundation aims to decrease the number of unnecessary athletic injuries and to serve as a community resource for all orthopedic issues to those in Central Florida,” says Jennifer Taggart, director of the Orlando Orthopedic Center Foundation. “At the end of every day our goal is to walk away saying, ‘Today we helped make the community a better, safer place to call home.’ Through our education and outreach programs we hope to impact the region in a big way.”